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For Sale/Trade Robopedals Green Russian Muff, MSLP Klone, Brutalist Jr., Boss DD-5

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by themeanreds, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. themeanreds

    themeanreds Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2007
    Brooklyn, NY
    New York
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    Robopedals The Marxist Fuzz
    Excellent condition
    Robopedal's take on the Bubble Font Green Russian Big Muff circuit. I ordered this one with a midrange control. This one sounds massive, with huge low end. Kills with bass!

    Make Sounds Loudly Pedals Modified Klone
    As-new condition
    Mark built this overdrive/boost along the lines of a Bondi Sick As, with bass and treble controls, and a clipping diode toggle. The bass control is quite subtle; it tidies or fattens the low end gain a bit, but does not yield a drastic EQ sweep.
    It works perfectly, and sounds great. With the gain down, it sounds right in the ballpark with every other Klon(e) I have tried. What sets it apart to my ears is when more than a teeny smidge of gain is blended in; it doesn't get severely nasal and raspy like similar pedals I have tried (I've tried a bunch, and A/B'd it with a Tumnus).
    Selling because I've found that the more pronounced mid-spike and increased compression of a boring ol' Tubescreamer works fine for me in the overdrive/boost role.

    GCI Brutalist Jr. Distortion
    Excellent condition, works perfectly
    Screwed up by me (hey, it's been a while!), rescued and made awesome by Make Sounds Loudly Mark.

    Boss DD-5 Digital Delay with FS-5U Tap-Tempo Footswitch
    Good condition, works perfectly, sounds like an industry-standard clean digital delay.
    $80/shipped SOLD


    Animals Major, Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz, I was a Wolf in the Forest, or Surfing Bear pedal
    Lumpy's Leeds Boost

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