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Robot Factory Buffered Router

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TOOL460002, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. I mentioned this handy little device in another thread, but I thought it deserved its own thread (I like it that much, and I think a lot of other people might agree with me). It is The Robot Factory buffered router.

    Here it is:


    It is a little box with one input and one output on either side. The signal runs through one side and out the other. This lets you plug your bass through one side, and wire it to the first pedal in your chain. The output from the last pedal in your chain is wired back through the other channel of the router. It is powered by the standard 9V Boss-style jack (cable any length; male or female barrel).

    Here you can see how it mounts flush under a Pedal Train Pro, PT-2, or PT-1, so all you see are two plugs (bass in; board out to amp):


    The buffered router mounts easily and will fit underneath the Pedal Train boards listed with room for a Voodoo PP2+ and still leave space for a number of other gadgets to locate neatly under you pedal board; keeps it clean and avoids snagging wires.

    Here's my first one (three boards; three buffered routers) mounted under a PT Pro with a Voodoo PP2+ and a Furman Plug Lock (has five AC jacks and plugs into the AC out of the Voodoo):


    To mount it, you need four screws, four washers, and a little T-shaped bracket I picked up at Home Depot (if you know the name of it, please let me know). You do have to drill three holes in one of the slats of your Pedal Train, but they go in flush and are covered up by velcro (unnoticeable when done). Installation took maybe ten minutes and cost about five bucks.

    The buffered router is not on Mario's Robot Factory site last I checked, but he is still going strong, is in business, and still does top notch work. I don't know if he wants me here advertising this thing, but I personally want to spread the word, because it seems there is some interest here in buffers, and hundreds of pedal freaks as neurotic as I am who might want something simple and clean to complete their Pedal Train.

    Any questions or feedback is welcome.

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