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Rocco Prestia

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by grooveguru, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    Rocco is very very ill and there is an emergency fund raising effort underway at:


    Can you place this HTML code on the site for a banner to donate to this fund? Before we lose another great musical voice!

    Here is the code:
    <a href="http://www.francisroccoprestia.com"><img src="http://www.francisroccoprestia.com/roccoadv.gif" width="195" height="60" border="0" alt="Your help is urgently needed right now!"></a>
  2. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    Paul:What do you think????