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Rochester International Jazz Festival

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by Peter McFerrin, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. For $27, I got a RIJF JazzPass that has or will have gotten me into the following shows:

    Tonight - Sun Ra Arkestra; John Abercrombie Trio
    Tomorrow - Brad Mehldau Trio

    And all within a block of my building!

    I'm bragging, yes. But seeing artists of this caliber for so little scrape is just unbelievable. The Arkestra was ridiculously fun, and Abercrombie just about tore my face off. (Any of the DBers know of a young guy--couldn't have been more than 30--named McGuirk? Man, he was smokin'! Marc Johnson who?) And I know that Mehldau is going to blow my mind even further tomorrow night.

    I really dig living across the street from the Eastman School of Music. In two weeks, I'm going to see Mike Stern--with the inimitable Lincoln Goines on bass--at the club where I saw Abercrombie tonight. I'm stoked :D
  2. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    You bastard. You dirty, SMUG BASTARD!

    Enjoy the show. I saw Mehldau's trio a couple of years ago and it really blew my mind. I would have paid $27 for that alone.
  3. Heh...serves me right for being a smug bastard...right about the time I posted this thread, a bat flew into my apartment. I accidentally crushed it to death--blood and brains oozing--after I thought it had gone out the window and I slammed it shut. I had to miss the first hour of work waiting for my super to come up and get the damn thing because I don't have any rubber gloves...
  4. The man is a genius. I have never heard a player as inventive. Mehldau never goes into psycho-chops mode, even in his crazy cadenzas, but he certainly doesn't hold back on the flow of ideas. I've always found it harder to get into pianists than guitarists and horn players, but Mehldau blew right through that little mental barrier.

    I was pleasantly reminded of the Mehldau Trio's ability to switch into different feels and time signatures almost telepathically. Jorge Rossi is a quiet monster behind the kit, and of course our man Larry Grenadier is always in complete control. Tonight, his solos were gorgeous, much in the LaFaro mode but with a slightly detached edge. Very impressive.

    One more thing: the show was 100% acoustic. The room where I saw it, Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music, has magnificent acoustics. Standing up near the back (I had to take a quick pee break and missed the first few minutes of "Exit Music (for a film)"), everything was crystal clear.
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