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Rock and metal bass style?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by metalloid, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. metalloid


    Feb 2, 2001
    I have always been confused about the "preset" styles for rock, metal, funk, and slap bass styles.

    I seem to associate slapping with all of the styles...But lots of rock bands have a 5 string bass player who basically lives on that low B and makes a huge sound...Am I correct?

    Are the people who slap in metal music the innovators or the people who make the huge bottom end sound the innovators?

    This confuses the crap out of me when I go to buy strings and they are like: "slap or rock sir?"

  2. i hope you're not referring to slap bass in metal as Fieldy....

    In my band which is death metal and various other kinds of metal, it is impossible to slap effectively, there is too much variation and dynamics.

    Plus many metal bands follow the double kick drum and need that pounding low B to accent it, and slappy gets in the way, sorta shows off.

    So to the "Slap or rock sir?" question, it depends, if you want to be fieldy, then slap, if you want to be like 90% of metal bassists, choose rock. lol

    I find one can be far more innovative when not slapping, thats just my opinion, slap bass can be innovative for other genres, my word it can be, but for metal it seems wrong. :p I think slap players in metal are lazy, cause its all "pound, pound pound" where as like myself, we try for the more mellow and speed pick style. different variations make for a diverse band.

  3. Are those the Ken Smith bass strings you're talking about? The slapmasters and the Rockmasters? Who cares what the package says...play the ones you like. Should I only be allowed to use my fender jazz bass to play jazz?
    IMO an innovator is someone who doesn't play it safe and breaks genres.
  4. armidex


    Apr 28, 2000
    Australia, Sydney
    It really is your own choice people usually take on what they like listening to most
    on my part i like progressive metal, traditional metal and neoclassical stuff etc
    Most of them play with their fingers and so do i.
    u can try emulating your heroes and all but it is really best to find out the style that both suit you and the style of music that u play

    you should try to learn all styles of playing bass because there sure to be a helluva lotta them hehaheha

    tappings allaz fun but that requires lowering of the action hehhehe
  5. metalloid


    Feb 2, 2001
    Small problem:

    (I am not dissing the full sound)

    But I just got a warwick for $600 that was 1/3 of the regular price. Its a 4 sring, the lowest I can Find a 5 is $1399. I dont have the money to get the five and I love this one!

    Guys like Traa in POD do fingers and slapping, all on a 4 string. I look at the sound of the band as a whole, because I play guitar and drums too, and when the guitarist tunes to B or lower, its hard to get a sound I like on bass using my fingers without a huge amp. I get left out in the mix when I did that with my 7 string I had before, no recorded songs sounded that heavy on bass. But live, I shook the floor pretty damn well.

    Lemme know your thoughts

    PS- as for the strings I used ken smith strings an an example everyone would know, but just the heaviness in strings in general...Plus I dont have the money to go spend on every type of strings to see which I like. Not much variance to me so it doesnt matter.
  6. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Basses, strings pish pash, you are nearer than you think with Lemme know your thoughts. Try Lemmy know your thoughts.

    I saw Motorhead on the Overkill tour. Rickenbackers were for wimps like Yes and Rush but Lemmy beat the hell out of his to get an overdriven low tone (4 strings in the Jurrasic era). He also used chords. And the point is... He was an original. Someone thought of using a funk style for metal. Break out of the rut of accepted basses amps strings picks clothing and haircuts and do something new.

    Falls off soapbox.
  7. well i am actually in a metal band and i slap at times mainly i go on my higs and follow the giutar note to note but in some songs i slap with the bass drum i but i can say it sounds beter then fieldy because i make sure of that we don't need to of him in metal!! but it is up to you if you can slap good then go with it but slaping is more then just hitting you thumb on your b or any other striit is all in your style which has to be beter then fieldy!!
  8. Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë

    Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë Guest

    Feb 14, 2001
    That is exactly why Fieldy inspired me to play bass. He's not following EVERY other bassist. Of course, I dont play like him, but he got me to pick up a bass in the first place.

    I bet you all judge him by only hearing a handfull of korn songs... listen to "pretty", he uses a fretless in that song.

    I cant stand all the players who use a pick and follow the exact same thing as the guitarist. Thats bull****. Why do they even play if they cant be heard?
  9. metalloid


    Feb 2, 2001

    I am with you all the way!

    I was born and raised in the 90's and the some of the new metal stuff is right up my alley. I respect korn for having the heaviest sound of anyone, even after listening to say morbid angel, they still have the "reserved power" type of heaviness.

    I love ryan of mudvayne, I want to sound like him! But of course the cool thing to do is innovate, having said that, forget everything I just said.

  10. well i follw the guitar as much as i can but i also pump my bass up reall load so i am heard!! well this is what we sound like which this is a great song but go on a napster and look up e town concrete and download a song called "hold up" because he follows the guitar and it sounds great, so check it out and tell us what you think!! everyone check it out and if you like the band get "first born" and "stranglehold" to well even "a fathers marathan" is also real good!! check then out!!
  11. Like wow dude, like thats so diverse. lolol Just because he used a fretless on one song doesn't make him diverse. yeah sure he may be a good slap bassist, but what about all the other styles of bass there is? And at the last bit of your post, All bassists like to be heard, but one can be arrogant. I would like to be heard more, but i work on the band as a whole. By doing that they reward me in a sense with my fair share of being heard, like making the bass more disticnt on one song. so if it means i am unheard in a few songs then so be it.

    If we want to show off and become arrogant then we become like the drummers and guitarists we loathe


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