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Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by sturmvogel, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Sorry for the blatent advertisement, but I want to ask you all to go to this page: http://www.rockcamp.com/bandVideos.php?city=Baltimore

    To vote for my RRFC band, Roadkill. I would really appreciate your help in getting myself and "bandmates" to the RRFC in London this November. Top 3 vote getters get a shot. Please vote by the end of the day tomorrow, Sept 21.

    I am not playing one of my Gibson's (I only brought two this day). I had my RD Artist with me, ready to play some AC/DC numbers, since Chris Slade was one of the "counselors", but we ended up doing a Beatles, a Cream, and a Kinks number. Anyway, my Kubicki seemed better suited for these. I had never played it in a hall before and was quite thrilled with its thunderous sound!

    If you don't know what the RRFC is, go to www.rockcamp.com to find out. I went to Baltimore, threw together the three songs in about 3 hours total, jammed a blues number with Eliot Easton, and some other short sessions with Kip Winger and Mark Slaughter, and played at Ram's Head Live that night. It was a lot jammed into one day----but it was fun!

    Thanks for indulging an old guy! Cheers.

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