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  1. Hello Talkbass Tab forum.

    I have searched high and wide on this useless tool I call the web ( :eek: no she di'int! :eek: ) for a site that contains tabs for Spanish rock groups. I went through the all of the talk bass tab boss won't be to happy about that...but found nothing.

    I've been trying to crack a song ny Soda Stereo for the past month but the mastering is screwy in some parts of the album so I can't figure it out :bawl: Anyone have a suggestion? Or are your musical pallets limited to anglo rock? :eek: no she di'int! :eek:
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    Apr 11, 2002
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    What are you working the song out for? If it's for playing with a band, just play something that fits with the other musicians in the bits you're unsure about - if it's just for yourself, then just play what you like :D

    The internet has got a huge range of tabs available... but the less famous the band or song, the less likely you are to find it.

    I've never heard of the band and can't offer any specific help... but you might also find it useful searching out any fansites on the web. That might help you link up with musicians who know the material, can play the songs and tab or otherwise explain the parts that are confusing you.

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    You should be able to at least find stuff on Heroes Del Silencio, since they were quite huge in Europe with their smash hit Entre Dos Tierros[sp?]