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    Dec 18, 2007
    Hey folks - Got something a bit different from the usual post here. My name's Chris and I am currently a member of Clark University’s accelerated History Graduate School. I'm a bass player, music fan, and history aficionado currently working on a research paper about the development of rockabilly music as a culturally important transition period (aren’t there already enough papers about colonial America? Come on!) I could really use some help from musicians or music fans who were between ages 13 and 25 during the 1950s. Below I have a short questionnaire: the answers do not have to be lengthy at all, and can be either answered in bullet point or in paragraph. My only request is that you kindly E-Mail me your completed answers ([email protected]), as I need to be able to properly cite these forms as interviews. Of course if you want to share anything that’s not specifically asked, go ahead and do that also. Please note that as this information is being used for a paper, your name and the answers you provide will be made as public information. Please do not reply if you wish for your details to be confidential. Thanks in advance!

    1. What is your name (First and Last), gender, race, and birth date?
    2. What state did you reside in during the 1950s?
    a. If you were from the North, how were you exposed to this music?
    b. If you were from the South, did you feel rockabilly music was distinctly southern?
    3. Did you enjoy rockabilly music? (see a and b)
    a. If you did, what made rockabilly music appealing to you?
    b. If you did not, what made rockabilly music unappealing?

    4. Did your parents or guardians approve of rockabilly music? What were their praises or criticisms? Did you share this music with your parents/guardians or did you mostly listen to the music with your friends?
    5. Was rockabilly music considered to be a white, black, or shared musical experience?
    6. Did you try to emulate general “rock and roll” culture yourself in playing the music on an instrument, through fashion, or through slang?
  2. NSGSplatmaster


    Dec 18, 2007
    Nothing to help out a fellow bass player?
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