Rockbass vs real Warwick

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    Hey folks !

    Tried a 5 strings Rockbass Corvette $$ in a music store this week-end and fell in love with it. The neck shape felt just perfect for my hands ( i love narow and chunky necks ). The only problem: the price.

    I know I can find a used german Warwick for about the same price or cheaper than the chinese Rockbass. The only thing I wonder, is the neck profile on the german ones the same as on the chinese ones ?

    Thanks !
  2. Depends on when the used German one was made. Newer Warwicks all have more Jazz-like necks like the Rockbass line, but there still is the option for thicker necks. Older Germans mostly had thicker necks, but I've heard that not all older Warwicks had baseball bat necks.
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    I haven't had much experience with German warwicks but I have had an 01 German Corvette Proline and a December of 14 rockbass $$ and the necks were about the same profile but the German felt and sounded a lot better than the rockbass. I say find a used German. The RB isn't bad by any means but it feels lacking compared to a german
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    I'm a little confused by your question. The Rockbass series is Warwick's value oriented line made in Asia. Those are the cheap ones. The bolt on maple necks these have are fairly standard feel to them as they've been mass produced to a simple spec.
    German made Warwick basses have changed their neck profile a few times over the last 20 years, and vary based on year, model, and wood type. And that doesn't include their "broadneck" series. Find a German one that matches the Rockbass will be a little tough, although Warwick is generally known for its kind of chunky necks.
    As far as price; that will be difficult. The older German Corvettes (basic twin jazz with a bubinga body) can be found used for maybe the same price as a new Rockbass. The $$ model came along in the mid-late 2000s and wasn't as common as many of their other models. If you try hard enough, you can find a used German one for $1000-$800. Watch out for the year. Many of the late 2000 ones shipped to the US were broadnecks and no one was told that. Also make sure you take care of that neck. The untreated woods with that big grain can start to splinter very easily if it gets too dry. I had one and ended up with slivers of wood in my palm a few times.
    Warwick basses are hard to find in stores. Used on the internet is your best option.
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    Generally speaking? No, they don't have the same profile. As mentioned by socialleper the neck profiles are determined by year, model, and type.
  6. Interesting, I did not know that. The broadnecks are 20 mm string spacing I believe, a huge difference from the standard 16.5 mm.

    If it helps, my 2006 Thumb 5 string is baseball bat whereas my 2012 Corvette $$ is slimmer.