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  1. Mr. BassmanPT

    Mr. BassmanPT

    Aug 15, 2009
    I have both Rocktron midimate and patchmate units but I am having some problems to do what I would like so I thought of asking for help. I read both manuals but I still cannot figure how to do this.

    All my stomp box pedals are connected to the patchmate loops. I am able to change the loops individually, for example when i press 1 on the midimate, loop 1 is activated, 2 on the midimate, loop 2 is activated, etc. So far so good, at least the midi messages are being sent and received.

    This brings me to 2 questions:

    1) I want to have more than one patchmate loop activated at the same time. Lets say I need 3 stomp boxes active, for example in patchmate loop 2,4 and 6. How can i program the midimate to turn all those loops on the patchmate to on at the same time?

    2) I want to turn on/off the patchmate loops one by one while maintaining the others. Lets say I have loop 3 active so the midimate button (labeled as 3) is lit up. Next i want to add another effect, stomp box in pathmate loop 5. I want to press number 5 on the midimate (so i now have number 3 and number 5 lit up), and keep loop 3. So I now have both loops active on the patchmate. At the moment i can only have one of each loops active and no more than one.

    Can you give me some help? Already read the manual and searched online but still cannot figure how to do it.
  2. Gadgetjunky


    Aug 9, 2011
    I do not have that setup but I like figuring these things out. It looks like you can have 5 presets and instant access buttons in 'controller access' (page 14). The key is setting the 'controller assignment' on page 24. But what I don't see is a midi map chart in the patchmate manual. So I'm thinking that because these are made by the same people that they might be mapped to work. Now that's only 5 instant access buttons for 8 loops, but that seems workable to me.

    Now if that forsn't work out for you, you can always make a bunch of presets.

    I'll look at it some more. sometimes it takes a while until it 'clicks' in your head and without the hardware it even harder.
  3. 1) use program changes instead of control changes. select bank in midimate.
    2) Assign the up 5 switches to send control changes. select controller in midimate.
  4. Mr. BassmanPT

    Mr. BassmanPT

    Aug 15, 2009
    yes, you figured it out, it does exactly that.. the problem is, how to do it? the manual is not very specific and i am having a hard time here... from google i am not the first one aswell, common problem actually.

    how do i do that?