SOLD Roger R Bass 70's Jazz 5 String (35" scale)

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    This was previously listed here on TB (link and description of original TB ad):

    TRADED - RBass Roger 70's Jazz 5 ash/maple so clean

    This one features a very traditional 70's build. Ash body, maple neck, beautiful birdseye maple board, ash laminate on the headstock, 70's pickup spacing and Nordstrand 70's wound single coil pickups. Comes with a Glockenklang preamp, which isn't 70's really, but it is like a 70's muscle car supercharger. 35 inch scale, 19mm spacing. *The scale length is 35 inches. Yes that is correct, 35 inches. It is a 35 inch scale bass. The measurement from the nut to bridge saddles is 35 inches. From the nut to the 12th fret is 17.5 inches, which, when doubled, equals 35 inches, which is, in fact, the scale length of this instrument. It has been confirmed using several tools, methods, and technicians. The only possibility for an inaccurate measurement would be if I lived in some type of localized gravity bubble that traveled with the bass itself, and stretched the space/time continuum around it. You don't have to worry about that being the case however, because if it is, the bass would still exhibit the qualities of a 35 inch scale instrument. Which it is.*

    At first glance, this bass seems plain. But the more you look, the more appealing it becomes. The ash body is very well choosen, the board looks great, the headstock is cool, and the contrast with the black hardware is pretty nice. This one has really grown on me. It feels great as well. The contours are super smooth, as is the finish. Ray really knows what he is doing.

    I would call this bass mint. I can't find any flaws on it.

    Only selling because I've got others incoming and unfortunately some have to be sacrificed. This is probably one of my favorite Jazz types and I hate to re-use TB sayings, but, this qualifies as "a jazz bass on steroids". It originally came with a basic gig bag which I no longer have, but, I will include a very nice "Access Bag" Harvest Fine Leather case which was $539.

    RBass1.jpg RBass2.jpg

    Asking $1899
    PayPal ok.
    Shipping included in CONUS.
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  2. I was looking at the previous listing because it was pretty thorough......but I was wondering what the scale length was.
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    You wouldn't believe how many questions I got about the scale, and how many "are you sure?" follow up questions. It was absurd. I felt I had to make it clear. Never mind all that though, this bass is fantastic.
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