Rogue VB100 good for BRMC?

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  1. Hey everyone, this may sound like a dumb question, but would a violin bass be good to play songs by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? I have the Rogue VB100 and for distortion I have a Keeley modified Boss DS-1. Would my Rogue be good enough to get a sound close enough to Robert's Gibson EB-2? Could I use my amp to dial in a better tone too? My amp is an Acoustic B100 and my Rogue has Rotosound roundwounds. And I also have another dumb question that I've wanted to ask...Does my Rogue count as a short-scale hollow body bass, even though it doesn't have the f-holes? If anyone has advice or suggestions, let me know. Thanks.

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  2. Between the bass, pedal and amp, you ought to be able to get what ever tone you need.

    The Rogue VB100 is a short-scale hollow body. Not having f-holes does not make it a solid body!
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    Dec 25, 2011
    If you string it with roundwounds, you'll get a brighter tone overall. Want more sustain? Use some heavy duty compression. Distortion pedal? No problem. Just don't stand directly in front of your amp if it's of any appreciable size (feedback). The short scale should get you in the ballpark with the EB2's thunk.

    I've used mine for everything from Aerosmith to Zeppelin. Great little all around bass.
  4. I actually just got it restrung and setup for some short-scale Rotosound rounds! It's definitely a great bass. I'm trying to use mine for different styles other than Beatles music, and BRMC seems great since it's a hollow body. Thanks for the advice guys!
  5. Bump? Could I also use my amps EQ setting to get a more "EB-2ish" tone out of my Rogue? I'm also using my Dad's old USA Big Muff for fuzz since my Russian Big Muff broke again and the Rogue has been strung with DR rounds.