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  1. quick question...
    my friends and i have been debating this for quite a while now. we all know that musicians friend sells these 'cheap' instruments called 'rogue', which can't be found much place else. Which manufacturer makes them? My theories are that fender make the amps guitars & basses, and that gibson makes the strings (that's a given). Any help? Plus, i've played rogue, and if you need something cheap, they're all you will need.
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    Mar 18, 2000
    I'd be surprised if you found Rogues anywhere else but in Musician's Friend catalogs. Apparently they're MF's house brand, so to speak. Some are made by the company that makes Squiers. Others are surely made by either Samick or Cort. Some Rogues look like Series 10 basses, which are made somewhere in Korea. I have no clue who makes the amps, though.
  3. yeah, i think you're right about the basses... my buddies' was made in korea.