Roland Boss ES-8 making popping sound when switching

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    I have a brand new ES-8 loop switcher that I bought in April and finally took out of the box and built up this week. I am getting a very loud click/pop sound when turning some pedals on and off. Wondering if anyone here has seen this before.

    The specifics:
    I have four power supplies, and VoodooLabs Pedal Power 2 Plus (PP2+) with 8 terminals, plus three wall warts.

    The configuration is:

    Bass >
    Line6 G70 Wireless receiver, factory wall wart >
    Mini Tuner, PP2+ terminal 8 >
    Input to ES-8 which is on factory wall wart.

    Then the 8 loops, showing their pedals and how they are powered:
    Loop 1: Boss OC-2, PP2+ terminal 6
    Loop 2: Analogman Compressor, PP2+ terminal 6, also Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra, PP2+ terminal 2
    Loop 3: Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe, 3Leaf Wonderlove, both on PP2+ terminal 4
    Loop 4: Providence Anadime Bass Chorus, PP2+ terminal 3
    Loop 5: SansAmp BDDI, PP2+ loop 8, Cali76 Compressor, PP2+ terminal 1
    Loop 6: Empress Tape Delay, PP2+ terminal 6, also JHS Reverb, PP2+ terminal 8
    Loop 7: DSM OmniCabSim, PP2+ terminal 7
    Loop 8: Ditto looper, PP2+ terminal 1, BeatBuddy, factory wall wart

    All PP2+ terminals are 100 mA except 5 and 6 which are 250 mA.

    The issue is that when I am using manual mode, if I switch a loop in and out while I am playing, there is a loud pop (sounds like a static discharge) when operating the ES-8 footswitch. If I operate the footswitch a bunch of times quickly, sometimes after several presses the popping stops. If I operate the footswitch while I am NOT playing, then usually there is no popping sounds.

    The effect occurs even if I start with all 8 loops turned off, and turn only a single loop on or off.

    Roland support suggested testing with a straight cable instead of pedals in the loops.
    I did test this by replacing the Loop 8 contents with just a short cable and the problem did NOT occur.

    Does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this?

    All pedals work fine and sound great, and overall the system is very quiet and well behaved. The only issue is this annoying popping while switching.

    I Googled and saw several other people have had this issue, but I didn't see any solutions.

    Roland Support said I should consider it defective and send it in for repair or replacement. Before I take that drastic measure, I wanted to see if there was anything else I should try first.

    Here is what it looks like on top:
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    Jan 29, 2014
    Its normal to have pops when switching while audio is passing. Its such a sudden change that you can actually hear it. Think about slamming on your car brakes, tires squeal, passengers fly forwards etc. Its a sudden change in Voltage from 0 or to 0 that you hear.

    Now if it happened when you werent playing, likely you would have something leaking DC voltage into your audio path. Also a common thing...
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    Jun 26, 2006
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    Thanks for the reply!
    What you are saying makes sense. However, I just did another test where I went into edit mode and started creating a new patch. I was not playing at the time. I started with no loops in the patch. Then I pressed the loop 8 button a bunch of times to add and remove loop 8 from the patch, and it popped with every press of the footswitch. Any thoughts on that?
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    Jan 29, 2014
    See paragraph 2 of my original post :)
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    Jun 26, 2006
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    I saw that piece, and it sounds like it might be the culprit. But I don't know how to test for that. Is it an indicator of a faulty pedal? Is there any way to test to see if that is happening? I do have a vom and some basic equipment.
  6. Alien8


    Jan 29, 2014
    You can usually measure the voltage between the tip and sleeve at the output of the Boss, just use a patch cable and touch your leads to it. The larger the voltage the louder the pop.

    As for the source? Some say active basses usually create the issue, some say leaky output capacitors (that are added to pedals to block output voltage) are the source either because they changed over time, are defective or not installed.

    In a system as complex as yours, searching will take a while, since it might be a combination of pedals that creates the problem, each leaking a bit.

    Fixes can be simple, there is a thread about Mr, Black's bypass popping article where a schematic shows how wire some caps and resistors in a pedal to reduce the pop. Seach the thread title "bypass switching" in the effects forum here. Lehle makes a DC Blocking box, but you would need to install it at each source of the voltage - if you are really lucky there is only one :). Good quality switches also help, but the Boss has decent stuff.

    Which bypass mode are you using in the Boss? Maybe the buffered helps?
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    Jun 26, 2006
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    You, sir, are awesome. I think you are on the right track, and I am going to investigate that further. Thank you so, so much.

    I don't know which bypass mode I am currently using, I will check. Whatever is the default, since the unit is brand new and I have not touched that.
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    Thanks man. Unfortunately, I can only fit about a third of my pedals on there. :) So I have 4 other auxiliary pedalboards for when I need to bring out the big guns. ;-)
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