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Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by JSCHRO7376, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. 2 months old, played 7 times, in brand new condition. 12" woofer and sweet horn. Integrated chorus, solid state, tube & tube overdrive controls. This baby can sound like an ampeg 2x15 setup. Super compact, LOUD, great low end, mids and clean highs. Handles a low B with ease. $450.00 plus shipping within the continental US. Musiciansfriend sells them for $799.00.

    Email me for pics:


  2. zzounds and MF both have the DB-500 with a list price of $999. And MF sells the DB-500 "on sale" at a "guaranteed lowest price" of $749.99.

    So, although zzounds are selling them at a low price now, I believe JSCHRO7376 was likely accurate with their numbers.
  3. sorry, for the typo, everyone. MF sells it currently for $749.00. Now, if all of sudden an internet retailer decides to temporarily put that above item on a "blow out" sale, that's their business, naturally. Nevertheless, the price I am asking is a steal. Fellow bassists who are interested in this excellent combo should check some review sites, i.e. Harmony Central, etc. Even there the individual purchase price varies drastically. That does not shy away from that fact that this combo is excellent, compact, warm sounding and in brand new condition and NOT refurbished. I purchased this item brand new. So, Eric, if you want to keep classifieds accurate, everyone appreciates this, but then also, be accurate.

  4. Jschro et al, my apologies; I made an error in my post. (I swear MF had them at zzounds prices recently what i looked though they sure don't have them now). I deleted it due to my error.

    incidentally, I own one myself and it is simply outstanding. And Smash: no, the bass cube has more effects: flanger, t-wah, delay, and reverb (both have compression and chorus). the bass cube has more amp models, though IMO the three offered on the db500 are plenty (tube, tube drive, solid state).

    however, the db-500 has a parametric mid unlike the Cube, and 2 memory slots; I think it also may have a more advanced chorus than the Cube ('d-chorus') that doesn't kill your low end. And of course it has 130 more watts, and a larger speaker. not sure if the Cube has a tweeter but the db500 does.

    i traded up to the db-500 from a Rumble 60 and unsurprisingly it was like night and day. the roland is actally smaller but it trounces the Fender in every way. I can get many many different sounds out of it at last.
  5. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Hmmmm.....maybe I should put my Metro back for sale, and grab this up. I like this combo alot.

    I played on one today to check it out. Very impressive.

  6. Erik;

    no damage done. I agree, the 500 has better integrated effects and the solid state, tube & tube overdrive selector is excellent. You can really make this little thing sound like a full ampeg 2x15 rig. It is brand new, and loud enough for up to mid size gigs. I am selling most of my cabs and combos for several reasons. First, I have a WW Ultra and a brand new EA Iamp 800. Second, I am coming out with my own bass cab lineup within the next weeks. It will be introduced at the summer Namm show in TN if everything goes as plan.

    If someone likes to see pics of the DB500, please email me:


    MJ, email me 2
    thanks everyone
  7. bump, everyone
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  10. Saetia


    Mar 27, 2003
    Bump for you JSCHRO7376, someone take this cool little amp off his hands for the great price he's offering it out at.

    JSCHRO7376, can you give any info into your line of amps? or is that a nono? Who's putting them out there for you, or are you doing it yourself?
  11. Saetia;

    It's no secret. The cabs I had designed will be very, very compact and loud. I always hated it having problems storing a 4x10 cab in a car trunk, they don't fit. My cabs (various models) will fit in any trunk with ease and will have more power and low end than standard cabs.

    If you like more details email me please


    thanks everyone

    By the way, this combo really smokes.
    I also have 2 more combos for sale. I just have to much stuff and have to get rid off it:

    Ashdown MAG MON 200 112 tilt back combo, made in England;
    SWR Redhead, made in 1997, original owner, pampered.

    I'd like to get $385.00 for the ash and $750.00 for the SWR.

    Please email for pics.
  12. Just wanted everyone to know that the combo is sold

  13. xit107


    Jan 5, 2005
    I have a recently purchased db500(mint). They are now extremely rare and hard to find. If anyone wants it you can make me an offer. I will take cash or trade for a gk mb150.


  14. Looper51


    Dec 22, 2004
    Bronx,New York