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Roland GI-20 - Anyone got one? Need help!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by geoneo, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. geoneo


    Apr 12, 2005

    Ive just got a Roland GI-20 MIDI interface with pickup and have got it connected to my PC. Im using EMU Emulator X sampler software. How do I change MIDI channels using the GI-20 or pickup??? Im hoping this is a really stupid question (and that you dont tell me that it isnt possible!) as this surely is a very basic MIDI function.

    I want to have a different sample on each channel and then be able to switch between them - nothing fancy - just basic MIDI stuff.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. =^..^=


    Jan 25, 2001
    Stuck on a rock !
    On the GI-20 turn the parameter knob to Midi Channel, press select (the two left indicator lights on the display will light up) and the current midi channel will be displayed. Then press value up or down to change the channel.

    If you have the GI-20 on Mono mode then each string will trigger a different midi channel so you can have each string with a different sound !

    In mono mode string one will be the first midi channel you select, string two will be channel + 1, string three will be channel +2 etc.

    You can't program a midi channel change into the S1 and S2 buttons.

    You can however program patch changes into the S1 and S2 switches - which I think may be another way of achieving what you want.

    Ok - program up patch one how you want (string sensitivity, mono / poly settings etc) - this will be used as the base for the rest of our patches

    Switch the parameter knob to prg change.
    Press the select button twice (three lights lit) which will take you to program change
    Use the path/value buttons to change the program being sent to the midi device.
    When you have found the sound you want press write.
    The display will now flash the number 1.
    Press write again and this program number will be stored against patch one.
    Now press the value buttons again until you find the next sound you want.
    Press write again - this time though when the patch number (1) is displayed press the up value button again (the display will now show 2) and then press write.
    This will store the second sound against patch 2
    Now press the value button again and find the third sound you want.
    Press write again, press the up value button until then number 3 is displayed. Press write again.
    This will store the third sound against patch three.

    Carry on until you have all the sounds you want programmed in.

    Now turn the parameter knob back to play - the S1 and S2 buttons cycle through the patches you have programmed with the corresponding sounds.

    Hope this helps !