Roland GP16 Guitar Processor with Foot Controller and Manuals

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    Dec 3, 2002
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    I know, it's a guitar processor and not a bass processor....

    Roland GP16 rackmount guitar processor with FC 100 floorboard, cables, and owners manual for both units. Midi capable.

    Very good condition, works perfectly.


    More pics can be seen on my site at

    The Roland GP-16 Digital Guitar Effects Processor is a one-space rack mount unit. It has two groups (A/B), each group has 8 banks with 8 presets in each bank. It gives you a total of 128 banks of memory. It has a total of 16 effects, with the ability to use 12 effects simultaneously.

    Patch Memories: 128
    A/D Converter: 16-bit Linear (64 times over-sampling, MASH process)
    D/A Converter: 16-bit Linear (4 times over-sampling)
    Sampling Frequency: 2,048 MHz (MASH process)
    Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 16 kHz

    A-1 Compressor
    A-2a Distortion
    A-2b Overdrive
    A-3 Picking Filter
    A-4 Step Phaser
    A-5 Parametric Equalizer
    A-6 Noise Suppressor
    B-1 Short Delay
    B-2a Chorus
    B-2b Flanger
    B-2c Pitch Shifter
    B-2d Space-D
    B-3 Auto Panpot
    B-4 Tap Delay
    B-5 Reverb
    B-6 Lineout Filter

    Input Jack
    Input Level Control
    Function Buttons: 2
    Edit Button
    Write Button
    System Button
    Escape Button
    Group Button
    Number Button
    Power Switch

    16-letter, 2 line LCD (Back lit)
    Patch Display (7-segment, 2 digit)

    Input Level
    Group Indicator
    Output Channel

    Channel 1, Output A Jack
    Channel 2, Output B Jack
    Channel 2, Output A Jack
    Channel 2, Output B Jack
    Balanced Output A Connector (XLR Type)
    Balanced Output B Connector (XLR Type)
    Midi In Connector
    Midi Out Connector
    Midi Thru Connector
    RRC In Connector

    I'm asking $200 which includes shipping to the lower 48 contigious states.

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