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SOLD Roland micro cube bass rx

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by lomo, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. lomo

    lomo passionate hack Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2006
    As new versatile small practice combo....also good for accompanying acoustics. I bought it for an occasion when I needed it's battery capability for a campfire jam and haven't used it since. Has onboard tuner, FX and beats. As new with a few hours on it. 195 USD shipped CONUS from VT or can ship to most of mainland Canada from Mtl (far north/maritimes will be more).

    Will consider trade for EHX microsynth bass pedal, maybe a Source Audio Soundblox or other cool pedal, a head....+/- cash as fair.

    Info: Roland Micro Cube Amplifier Bass RX Portable Bass Amp PROAUDIOSTAR 761294406342 | eBay

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    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
  2. 57pbass

    57pbass Supporting Member

    These are great little amps..I use mine all the time .. it’s really great for practicing..built in metronome plus other useful effects and amp models..and a headphone jack.
  3. GoLeafsGo

    GoLeafsGo Not Quite Right! Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2013
    Whitby Ontario
    I have one of these and use it regularly. Nice tone for such a small amp, and really nice features too. Great for playing in the backyard or around the campfire as well as a good little practice amp. GLWTS.
  4. GoLeafsGo

    GoLeafsGo Not Quite Right! Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2013
    Whitby Ontario
    Just read your tag line, Beliveau was maybe the classiest man ever, and that's coming from a Leaf fan!
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  5. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    These are really cool little amps. I don't use mine often but it's been really handy when I only needed something small and battery power makes it really easy to deal with. And, assuming you don't expect it to do more than it's capable of doing, it actually sounds pretty good.

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  6. Sav'nBass

    Sav'nBass Supporting Member

    Jan 18, 2009
    Northern Va.
    I have one of these that I got here. Great little amps. I use mine with my acoustic and currently it lives at my sweetie's house 2.5 hours away so that when I go down there in weekends I can still practice. GLwTS ... $195 is a great price.
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