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Roland PK-5 Pedal Keyboard

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by eViL cAkE, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. eViL cAkE

    eViL cAkE Guest

    Sep 6, 2001
    Just East of Dallas
    First of all: I know my number of posts for the amount of time for which I have been a member is pathetic, but I don't own a computer. I just use the public computer lab in our local library, and I haven't made it down here for quite some time.


    Have any of you guys ever tried using transposable bass pedals to add simple string, organ or techno-like sounds to your band's songs while you play bass? I'm thinking about saving up to get a Roland PK-5 pedal synth controller and a synth module of some kind to do just that, since one of my bands has had a hard time finding/keeping keyboardists. Do any of ya'll know if the rack mount version of the KORG Triton synth is compatable with this pedal controller (I really like the keyboard version of the Triton, so I thought the rack mount version might fit the bill)? I must admit that I know next to nothing about synthesizers, though. Any help on this stuff will be most appreciated.

    Thank you.
    eViL cAkE :)
  2. Nails


    Jun 4, 2000
    Austin, Tejas
    I have the PK-5, but haven't built up the rest of my MIDI related gear up to use it to much. One of my bandmates recently got a Fantom and we plan on writing all the sequences for our strings and such into it's sequencer, which will also control my sampler, and I'll control it live via the PK-5.

    The Triton Rack and the PK-5 should get along fine. The only problem you might face is getting the Rack to recieve on the same channel as the PK-5 is sending on (it's easy to set the PK-5 channel, but I'm not sure about the Rack.) I don't know how you plan on setting it up (will you use the playback sequencer of the Rack? or just play single notes with the PK-5?) so I can't help you out much there. If you plan on using the playback sequencer you could probably set up the Rack to recieve program changes to change the song, then in the Rack assign a MIDI note to start the song, then play that MIDI note on the PK-5 and it'll do the rest. I don't know if the Rack will allow you to do that or not, but if you spend some time with both the PK-5 and the Triton Rack you could probably get them to work together how you want them to. MIDI is flexible, so play around to get the results you want.
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