SOLD Roland PK-5 w/Anvil Case

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  1. thejockobird


    Feb 8, 2014
    Orange County, CA
    So it's now time for me to part ways with my PK-5. This guy has been a dream, but sadly just isn't getting used anymore and so it needs to go.
    This is in immaculate condition. I've been extremely light on it and rarely even brought it to gigs so (as you can see in the pictures) it's basically brand new. Comes with the original manual and I'll even throw in a One-Spot since I don't have its original adapter.
    The Anvil case is genuine and is built like a tank. Also, the band decals (and subsequent paint that was apparently supposed to cover them up) were both on the case when I bought it. Case is used, for sure. But is in excellent condition.
    Sorry for the massive pictures...

    20141213_142713 (1).jpg




    I'm willing to haggle a bit for this guy, but remember, because of its condition and the included Anvil case, I'm not going to be able to go too low. Message me! We can talk about it.

    Either way, I am willing to ship this guy and even willing to split shipping with you if you choose to buy it. CONUS ONLY!! NO TRADES!!