Roland PK5 Pedals

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  1. Lord Fender

    Lord Fender

    Jun 2, 2005
    Well I have all my initial questions about this answered although i was wondering if their is anyone here who has tried these or something like them.

    I want to get an idea of what kind of rig i can hook up to this, i have been looking at the Novation A-Station but I'm more curious in people who have used a pedal like this like an organ rig, like using a pedal and a keyboard togather with like a midi effect or synth running through it.

    Mostly because I am pretty much sure im going to get the pedal although the ways i keep hearing about it they say its just a controller and you cant play notes or anything with it when hooked up to a synth or what not. So if anyone can give me just some simple facts about the pedal and maybe some rig ideas that might help me invision this. lol, im completely indifferent if its not the same pedals, just pics or rigs using these things and how they are really working.

    Danke TB'ers
  2. msquared


    Sep 19, 2004
    Kansas City
    It is a MIDI controller. It makes no sound of its own, you have to hook it up to a synth module, sampler, drum brain, or anything else that will play sounds when triggered via MIDI. Then you can use it to play single notes or chords of whatever sound your module is capable of.

    Somebody in the recording forum just mentioned using one live. Check out the MIDI controller thread there. You could also Google it.