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  1. fello


    Nov 11, 2002
    London, UK
    Roland V-bass bass modeling unit in excellent condition, it includes manual,2 bass midi pickups, for use with 2 different basses(1 Roland gk-2b midi pickup, 1 yamaha B1D midi pickup) 3 midi leads and a small voltage converter from 110V to 220V(Unit was purchased in th US).I will throw in for free an US-20 midi unit selector floor pedal, which allows u to control 2 midi units(a midi synth plus the V-bass for example) with a midi pickup equipped bass, simultaneously.The price is of the whole package is 550 £ plus shipping in the UK.
    The unit is located in London, UK.My phone number in the UK is 0798-5561574, if you want to contact me for more info.Cheers

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