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  1. Hey all!
    Just wanted to take a minute and share my rig and what has been buzzing around up here in Portland for a number of years. Roller Sound is one main dude Todd Corbett who builds custom cabs and enclosures for lots of local folks. He has built me my 8x10, 4x12 and 2x15.. Very very amazing work this guy does and he is hell of a player too!
    Pictures coming soon
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    Im not sure about those grills. The top looks like it is proud of the wood surround. Looks fancy, but would be an issue in the long run IMHO.
  4. I've been meaning to send him an email this whole past year about a custom build but haven't gotten around to it. I really should, his cabs look nice.
  5. Todd just built one of these for Scott Shriner of Weezer too. Eminence legends, rear ported, side and rear handles make it a little easier to lug. This thing is sounds giant and is my end all bass cab if I only ran one. In Yob, I run this with an MTI Svt and my roller 2x15 with a 200 watt sound city or a Road 440.

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  8. Indeed, chef. Thats the stuff!
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    They deserve kudos for listing frequency response range as both "flat" and "+/-10dB".
  10. I have been playing his stuff for years. The dude is totally open to any custom work and is a breeze/pleasure to deal with.

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  11. That's so rad. Bummed I missed YOB a bit back in the Bay Area.

    I want to talk to him about a custom 6x12 build for my SVT, before it blows my old flatback 810. I dig that he posts frequency response and moderately detailed specs. I'll just have to shoot him an email soon. All those pics look great.
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    Those cabinets have the COOLEST look. I love the grill.
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    Well, they've definitely sounded pretty awesome at the Yob shows. When did you get a Wal?
  15. Sartori: the Wal is a buddy of mine's Patrick Finn from this band called Old Light. So in love with that Wal. He has a sick acrylic EGC baritone too. I used to have a black 81' Wal pro II.. Still my most missed instrument I ever let go.
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    I don't think I've ever even seen one in person except when I saw Tool like ten years ago (and that was from the section of the Oakland Arena most distant from the stage). They seem really cool though.

    Which cabs were you using on Atma, the 2x15 and 4x12?
  17. On Atma it was both the 4x12 and the 2x15. Used a omni directional mic distance mic'ing about 6 feet back right in between the 2 cabs. Sound city 200 on the 12s and an f1-x/QSC on the 15s. No close mic at all. The engineer Jeff Olsen had an Evil Twin DI that we used as well. That thing had so much balls and just so sounded beautiful at the same time.
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    Awesome cabs Aaron, fellow EGC bassist here - Your bass looks amazing, what pickups are installed? Was blown away by your sound when I saw Yob at Roadburn 2012!
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    I just met Todd tonight at a gig. Super nice guy. I plan on swinging by his shop and checking these cabs out
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  20. Henning, those are the mike lull t-bird repro. Stoked you were into it! That road burn back line is the best bar none! They have the dream list of vintage and new gear. I went with (2) 72' SVTs and was really on cloud 9 man <3.
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