SOLD Rondo Douglas fretless violin bass, case, & LaBella flats

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    I picked this up to check it out as a funky and fun little fretless to augment my Goldtone. It is indeed funky and fun, but I keep preferring the Goldtone when I'm in that fretless mood (which I'm not in all that often).

    It's light, the neck is slim with a 1.5" nut width and it can be thumpy and/or mwah-ey depending on how you set the controls. It's wearing the oem flatwounds - I never installed the LaBellas. Does it neck dive? Yep, it's a violin bass. It's light enough that it doesn't bother me but with the somewhat slippery vinyl-backed strap I put on it (my "good" straps have straplock ends on them and can't go on it without installing some straplocks) I leave a hand on it at all times. I'm very sensitive to necks (1.5" nut width G&L ones are about the only ones I really like and get along with) and this one has been a joy to play.

    - Like new Rondo Douglas fretless natural violin bass Douglas WVEB-833 Violin Bass Nat Fretless -
    - "tweed" case Douglas BGC-250 HVB Tweed Case -

    $165 shipped CONUS paypal OK

    I also picked up a set of LaBella 760HFBB Hofner flatwounds 050-100 for it which I never installed. I will include these for another $25 with the base/case or sell separately for $30 shipped (best price I found was 32.99 shipped from ChicagoMusicExchange).

    I'll add some pics this weekend. Pics added

    Trade-wise I'm not sure what I'd be interested in that would be comparable - most of the things I'd want are more expensive:
    - Stagg Deluxe EDB
    - Goldtone solidbody fretless MEbass
    - G&Ls with 1.5" nut width satin necks under 9lbs
    - Acoustic B600HD head​
    and I don't have a bunch of cash to include (although I could bundle with some other extra stuff I have - Ashdown RM420 head, Carvin BX500 head, G&L Tribute SB2). Other than those things I'm very limited on the bass necks I like so even though I like hollow/semihollow, headless, resonator, and acoustic-ey basses there aren't a lot I know I can play comfortably.

    violin1.jpg violin2.jpg violin3.jpg
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    Bass & case sold. If you are interested in the Labella flats drop me a PM