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  1. tastychoice


    Oct 22, 2012
    Anybody use these? Thoughts? I've built several wedge shaped boards with vinyl fake leather covers and I'm feeling like I need more protection. It's surely a poorly constructed atrocity but the price is tempting.
  2. I have a couple rondo cases in different sizes for bass and guitar boards. I use them as pictured, with the thinner lid as the bottom for pedals. It works great, but I am tempted to build something wedge shaped as the flat lid makes it hard to reach the back row sometimes. I'm open to suggestions to that effect.

    Anyway, the case is pretty well made, good deal for the price.
  3. tastychoice


    Oct 22, 2012
    All I needed was one positive review. Ordering on payday. The wedge is nice but my back row doesn't see that much foot traffic. Super easy build too, I just sawed a 20" 2x4 in half diagonally, attached plywood to the too and bottom with screws and another 2x4 across the back. poly, handle, and Maine snaps for the vinyl cover didn't cost much. I encourage you to try it. I've just had a few gear mishaps recently (blew my amp, broke and replaced three same switch on my bass 3 times, crushed an expression pedal ) and I am feeling overprotective of my pedals. If you lived closer, I'd sell you one if mine.
  4. tastychoice


    Oct 22, 2012
    Here's a pic of the first one I made. I've since changed my set up quite a bit and didn't need the size. Hope this is helpful.

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  5. Yes, that points me in the right direction. One of these in the Rondo case and you're set.
  6. lowfreq33


    Jan 27, 2010
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    I've been touring with a Rondo board for about a year and a half, same one you're looking at but different size. Very roadworthy. I actually ended up making individual risers for certain pedals, a couple (Way Huge, Dunlop) had rubber feet that weren't easily removed, so I have cutouts in the risers for the feet. Cost me about $6. Best deal around for pedalboards.
  7. walterw

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    Feb 20, 2009
    i just got one myself for my guitar stuff, the bigger one with the fancy swirled aluminum sides:


    it's decently sturdy and well-fit. i just wish the lid and the bottom tray weren't as tall as they are (the whole thing is almost 7" thick closed, when 5 1/2" to 6" would have been plenty, and the bottom tray lip is maybe 1/2" taller than i'd like).

    i pulled the carpeted rubber layer out of the bottom and set in a thin piece of plywood, so as to stick the pedals down with superior dual-lock; as it comes, velcro will stick to the tray area reasonably well.
  8. Could you drill holes in two corners and fit some sturdy rubber feet to the side you want raised?