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Room 335

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by liltommyg, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. HI guys,
    anyone know where to get the correct chords for this larry carlton gem ?
    I've got the roots (i think) but would like the actual chords as
    the guitar player just knows the melody line (guitarists eh? not worth the shoes their ego stands in)
  2. Deacon_Blues


    Feb 11, 2007
    Well, let's see... I've played that for fun sometimes, but on bass. This will be a good exercise...

    Intro and first half of the verse:
    | Dmaj7, C#m7#5 | Bm7, C#m7 |
    | Dmaj7, C#m7#5 | Bm7, Amaj7 (->A7#9/Eb7) |

    Then it jumps up to:
    | Fmaj7, Em7#5 | Dm7, Em7 |
    | Fmaj7, Em7#5 | Dm7, A11 |
    and back to the first part (only the first row)

    Then there's the chromatic run, don't really know the exact chords over that but here's the run on bass:
    D-D#-E, F-F#-G, G-G#-A...

    Then comes the chorus:

    | Dmaj7 | F#7 | Bm7, -Bbm7| Am7, D7 |
    | Gmaj7, G#m7b5-C#7| F#m7, B7b9 | Emaj7, F#m7 | Gm7, C7(?)-C#maj(?)|
    | Dmaj7 | F#7 | Bm7, -Bbm7| Am7, D7 |
    | Gmaj7, G#m7b5-C#7| F#m7, B7b9 | Em7, A7 |

    | Gmaj7, F#m7#5 | Em7, Dmaj7 |
    | Dmaj7, C#m7#5 | Bm7, Amaj7 (->A7#9/Eb) |

    This should be somewhat accurate. I might have simplified some chords, but I'm not in the mood to pick them out by ear more carefully than this at the moment... ;)
  3. Thank you kindly Deacon

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