Roots Rockers?? anyone??

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  1. Does anyone on here play reggae or something similar??? I don't see much, if any mention about the complexities or the differences in styles for "reggae" bass. When was the last time anyone on this forum really had a "one-drop" moment.... anyone??? i don't mean sublime cover bands either. i love that stuff, but i want something with a twist or originality. Right now we are having a MAJOR Bad Brains/Studio One (from jamaica 'mon....) phase... I recently learned some tips and some old Studio One recording tricks from an old dread that REALLY focused my playing (he's also a major producer). Anyone else??

    Roots Rockers Unite!!!
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    I have one-drop moments every day...every time I play. I can also mix with the best of them.

    Yes. I play reggae, in all its forms and have also played in Rock-Steady, 60's style ska, and modern ska bands. Generally these days it's a roots-dub-dancehall-soul thing that we do. I've had the luck to pick up tips from some of the best guys in the business from sharing bills with reggae bands for the past 15 years or so...Most recently we had a 'guest' band member who is also a signee to VP records in addition to a Ghanan rastafarian hand drummer.

    My main influences are: Lloyd Brevett, Flabba Holt, Aston Barrett, Robbie Shakespear, and the under appreciated 'fat man riddim'.

    And for the record, I haven't played any 'rock' music in over 15 years.