SOLD ROSCOE Century Signature 3006 - Tricked Out

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    Century Signature 3006 - #5972
    Exhibition grade Koa top (+$1000)
    Ash Body with grain enhancement
    DOUBLE cherry and maple body laminates
    Natural Finish
    12th Fret Inlay: Koa (+$60)
    Audere 4 band preamp with Z mode switch (+$225)
    Nordstrand Dual Coil pickups with series/parallel switch (+$75) for both pickups housed in birdseye maple shells ($515)
    Wenge wedge neck
    Birdseye Maple board w/ a little mineral staining near the body (+$175)
    Diamond wood nut (+$75)
    Custom matching koa wood knobs w/ grip ($150)
    Headstock doesn't have "Roscoe" lettering, just "R" MOP inlay
    Thin Neck profile (+$100)
    Case: Hardshell (+$200)

    S/N 5972 is one of the most decked out Roscoes I've ever seen. The top is an incredible piece of flamed Koa, and the Bird's Eye Maple fretboard board has lot of figure, some cool mineral streaking and a gorgeous Koa inlay at the 12th fret. Matching Bird'e Eye Maple pickup covers on the Nordys and matching Koa knobs create a really eye catching effect.

    This bass is near mint. The original Retail Price (NOT including the PUPs and knobs) was $6795, so this would have sold new for $5100. The wood covered PUPs added $400+, and the knobs $150. So total new cost was roughly $5700.

    f.JPG b.JPG c.JPG d.JPG e.JPG g.JPG h.JPG i.JPG j.JPG IMG_0406.JPG
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    Was it a frog before the kiss?
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    Absolutely beautiful. Very tasteful. Does Roscoe do wood pup covers and knobs like that or is that stuff aftermarket?