Roscoe/EA/Bass POD Pro?

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  1. Recently, I have purchased several new pieces of gear. I don't like to make more than one change at a time to my line up inorder to get a feeling for how each piece reacts with the others. Things just didn't work out that way, this time. Now, I'm trying to trace down my "weakest links" due to the fact that I have a new bass (Roscoe 5 string Myrtle body and top) a new cabinet (EA CXL210) and a new preamp (Line 6 Bass Pod Pro) powered with my trusty old Crown PB1. I won't go into the long story, but lets just say the Roscoe has been a year long process, the EA was almost two months behind schedule and the Pod Pro was a purchase hours before a gig when my Trace GP12x started acting up. All pieces arrived the same week and I haven't really had much time to tweak nor really hear the differences each piece has made in my system.

    I guess my biggest question is about the POD PRO. It seems to be really flexible, but is it really a good match with Roscoe and EA for live gigs? I've only taken it out once and had a ground hum that wouldn't go away. The club's engineer said this was common in their place due to dirty power and my hum wasn't as bad as most systems that come on the stage. I guess seeing that it was a "must leave the store now with something that'll get me through the gig" purchase, I'm a little leary. Have any of you guys used a POD for live situations? What are your experiences? Does the POD do a good job in the studio or is that marketing hype? These are things I'd like to know seeing that I still have a few weeks trial time with the product.

    Thanks guys
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    With your setup I'd look for a preamp that was "transparent" (to whatever degree that's possible;))... something that would let the true sound of the Roscoe reach the EA cab. POD Pros are nice but wouldn't be my first choice for a preamp. On the used market I'd look for an AMP SB-1, Yamaha PB-1 or Ashley preamp, they can all be found for ~$100. For more cash you could go Alembic F-1X, Demeter, etc.

    It all depends on what sound you're after.
  3. Hey Brandt, welcome to talkbass.

    I did a fair amount of research a few months ago about better multi effects units. The reviews and comments on the pod and pod pro were mixed. The main cons were problems using the unit live and the actual effects.

    A friend who got one on a try and buy deal took it back. To his ears, the nuances of the amp modeling he could hear while alone were lost in a live situation. I'd have to go along with Brad and recommend a good preamp with eq. Lots of folks like the Aguilar rack unit.

    ps, got your note on the EA dealer, thanks!
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    I agree with Brad. I've gigged the POD PRO with a QSC power amp and was never entirely happy with it. Very colored sound, no matter what you do. I also experience nasty hum problems running it with an EA iAmp600. The POD is a good studio tool but, IMO, not an optimum unit for live work. BTW, that Roscoe and cab would be very hard to beat so I'd be careful not to sell 'em short in the preamp area.
  5. Thanks Guys,

    I have to agree that the POD may not cut the mustard with the other pieces. It was one of those purchases that I felt weird about, but I was stuck between a rock and a hard place so to speak with my Trace going down. I needed something fast and Atlanta is not a very good town for bassists to get their hands on something "nice" quickly. Shops claim to sell something "non-mainstream", but don't stock it. I also thought too, that I might be a tad "elitist" by judging the POD too quickly seeing that I never really got the opportunity to hear it with my old stuff that had been since sold to someone else. Who would have thought that a Trace pre that has given me 12 years of faithful service would start to crap out the day I get delivery of an EA?

    I've heard various reports that the Aguilar 680? pre might be a good match (best of both worlds) with a solid state amp like the Crown. It's a bit more than I'd like to spend right now seeing as I just shelled out the bucks for the Roscoe and the EA. Joe, I could use some advice from you on just where I could A/B some gear next time I'm in Atlanta that might just fit the bill better than an "under the gun" purchase.

    I've also been thinking of adding an integrated amp to my rack in the event something goes down. That way I'd at least have a good back up. When it comes out, I may even consider the iAmp 750. I've been told from the inside that they finally have their transformer section worked out to where the amp will acually deliver the claimed wattage. I'm already a big fan of their design and that may end up being my main amp and I'd let the pre/Crown be a back up. But first things first, I need to find a solution with my current set up.

    I thank you guys for your input (no pun intended)
  6. Oh man, I'm the worst person to ask, I so seldom buy any gear. Atlanta Discount used to carry most high end bass stuff, don't know what they have in stock now.
    Hmmm, probably the best way to go would be to post a topic in Miscellaneous [BG] with Atlanta in the title, see if you can get John Turner, warwicknut, bassmonkee or other's attention. Or email them directly. If that doesn't help, let me know what models you are interested in and I could call around.
  7. Well, I've gone ahead and done it. I've decided to return the POD and I've ordered another pre. I really wanted to A/B a Demeter, Kern and Aguilar. I ruled out the Alembic due to its more "scooped-out" mid range. I came across such a good deal for an Aguilar 680 pre that I had to just go for it. I hope it wasn't too hasty a decision, but I just like what I've heard from Aguilar in the past. Their 10 year warranty and ease of their service department makes me feel better about going for it. I just wished that I could have heard the Demeter first before buying, but as I said it was just too good a deal that wouldn't have been around for long. Most people have told me that Aguilar and Demeter are similar but the Aguilar, especially the 680, has more flexibility in its EQ and is a little more agressive in the mids. I don't really need that for the Roscoe, but it'll help out with my Yamahas that are a tad weaker in that department.

    So, what do you guys think? Any experience, set-up advice or things I should know about the 680?
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    I guess it is a little late now, but I wanta come to the defense of the POD for those who run upon this string in the future.

    If you are looking for you signature sound, then the POD probably isn't for you. But I disagree that the POD is not a quality tool for live performance. It just depends on what you do.

    I have been using a POD pro for about a year now with great success. With the work I do, I need to be able to switch sounds on the fly. I play a variety of styles and may go from country to pop to Latin to contemporary in 20 minutes. With the POD, I have very usable, professional quality sounds that I can access with the touch of a button.

    I also play a great deal direct (no amp at all) and the POD is perfect for that.

    Since there are 36 storage banks in it, I can dial up a sound that I really like for a certain bass and store it. When I switch basses, I can get the best EQ for that bass instantly.

    The POD is a great piece of technology if you have the right application for it. If I was playing originals and wanted one great sound, I would go with something else, but as it stands, there is nothing more usable than my POD, IMHO.

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    You've probably described the perfect scenarios for the POD.


    I, too, play a wide variety of music in a short period of time. I've gone the opposite directions and use no effects at all. Different strokes.

    I try to never go direct only. By my thinking, if I could insert a POD in the signal path, I could insert the preamp out from my amp there instead.
  10. I certainly wasn't trying to "down play" the POD as a piece of useful gear. I think it does have a place in a number of environments. There are a number of things it does well. I'd like to have one for certain sessions or perhaps as an effect processor. I also think the PRO has a little more noise than the kidney bean. My first desire in buying it was that it would be a great dedicated preamp that would work well with my existing pieces in my rig. The Roscoe has its sound, the EA has its own presence and my thinking was that seeing that the store I purchased it didn't have much else to choose from, I'd give it a shot. With the type of gear I already own, I've been designing my own sound. I wasn't having much success doing that with the POD PRO as a live, stand alone preamp. I'd did perform well as a DI, but as a pre in my rack (not that it wouldn't work well with some other components), it just didn't do it for me.