SOLD Roscoe Fretless - Century Signature 6 - Redwood Burl

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    Happy New Year! (at least it will be for somebody ;)) It's a new year and that means it's time to make some changes. This beauty hardly ever gets touched and it's a bass that deserves to be played, not sit in a case. I I can count on one hand the amount of times this was played last year, and that's embarrassing. Therefore, after months of back and forth on the subject, it's time to post. Here goes:


    Roscoe Century Signature 6 - #6330
    Exhibition grade Redwood Burl top
    3-piece Mahogany body w/Wenge center lamination
    Wenge Wedge neck w/Maple center lamination and Yellowheart stringers
    Diamondwood Nut
    Lined Fretless Birdseye Maple Diamondwood fingerboard
    Natural Oil finish
    Bartolini NTMB-F
    Classic Bart pickups
    Hardshell Case

    This bass was completed on Valentine's Day 2012 and since that time has been played on exactly one gig. The top is a wicked piece of redwood burl that has some really cool texture to with the knothole near the fingerboard and some small voids. It's in virtually mint condition with the exception of a small indentation near the input jack from some idiot who had something sticking out of his right pocket when he sat down to play one day. (Me :D) I've taken a close-up of it so you can see. It's approximately 1 3/16" long and you can really only see it when you hold it in the light a certain way...but there's still a mark so it's not TOTALLY mint...but DARN close.

    It's currently strung with DR Sunbeams because I wanted to see how they sounded. I prefer Nickel Lo-Riders and can restring it with a new set if requested.

    Fun Fact: A full page photo of this bass appears in the October 2012 Bass Player magazine write-up about Keith and his shop (pages 18-19) . A copy stays in the case with the bass. :bassist:

    Sound, tone,'s a Roscoe. If you don't know what that means, then you really should find your closest Roscoe dealer and find out. Or buy this beauty. I can tell you has a PHAT bottom and it's awesome!

    No trades please.

    Roscoe Fretless Body Front.jpg

    Roscoe Fretless Body Back.jpg

    Roscoe Fretless Jack Blemish.jpg Roscoe Fretless Lower Horn Closeup.jpg Roscoe Fretless Top Closeup.jpg Roscoe Fretless Upper Horn.jpg Roscoe Fretless Top Detail.jpg Roscoe Fretless Body Side Angle.jpg Roscoe Fretless Headstock Back.jpg
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    Wow! That is a beautiful ax. What is the story with the circular indentations in the top wood for the control knobs? I have never seen that before.

    How much does she weigh?
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    One of the most beautiful Roscoes ever.

    ....and that is saying something.
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    The indentations are a feature they added sometime back on the Signature models.
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    I've personally played this bass, and it's a stunner. Jon (the OP) is dumb for letting this go, but you should take advantage of his diminished mental capacity and snatch up this beauty.
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    Well I went and visited Jon today and played his bass. Absolutely had to have it within the first 30 seconds. I didn't notice any impairment to his mental capacity like I expected but I did notice an unfinished bathroom down the hall begging for attention (e.g. cash). I heard some fun stories about you and how this bass came to be, too. :laugh:
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