Roscoe LG-3004 Fretless w/ Ebony Board

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  1. Well… it pains me to do this, but I need to pay for a laptop I just purchased. Here is the skinny:

    Roscoe LG-3004 Fretless, black hardware
    Bartolini pickups… (master volume, 3-band with stacked boost)
    Ebony board, stunning flame top
    Kind of an orange-ish stain, but it really matches my redwood Roscoe 6
    Slight marks on the fretboard from the round-wounds… otherwise flawless
    Fantastic “mwaaaah,” best of any fretless I have owned

    I need $1300 plus shipping in the continental USA. Give me an email at my work account ( for a faster reply. I am a regular poster over at the Dudepit (Psalm150) and can have folks vouch for me.





  2. Tom,

    That looks like the one I used to fact, I think it is !!!
    Awesome fretless. Did you buy that from me on ebay?

    Actually, the model is an LG-3000, which is his number for the 4-string.

    Somebody is going to get a very cool fretless.

  3. Thanks for the email Randy... reply sent.