SOLD Roscoe LG3005 Quilt Maple Top

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    55801E1D-C004-48A8-8001-11AC1FF2524E.jpeg B6275960-6449-41EF-82AF-C78D2512957E.jpeg D722CB58-2412-4BC3-A601-9DD45677585A.jpeg 59B74B30-7351-4AF7-A051-06ACA65045B2.jpeg 9C085083-E1C4-42E6-AA68-C6BCF39383DF.jpeg EF4C092C-F8CC-4C18-B422-585F2496208D.jpeg CFC497C1-4A6C-4453-B49A-383058AF91FC.jpeg CB1603E1-FF37-4F80-BC71-19A945E00033.jpeg 2AEE929B-0704-4C9F-9230-5FD79534FDB1.jpeg 590E252A-6AED-4C14-AB37-193F84E3FF05.jpeg 4C13AEB0-FA6E-4A98-80DA-82E6FFC37179.jpeg EF18E7D6-35E1-4A36-8EB0-C9EC8AB78DB2.jpeg 2FF70EE5-99C8-4331-940C-790F89E0DEED.jpeg 2008 Roscoe LG3005, it has spent the majority of its life in the previous owners closet. I’m set on gear right now... here are the specs from Roscoe
    • Exhibition Quilt Maple Top
    • Spanish Cedar body
    • Maple neck with Purpleheart stringers (maple and cherry accents)
    • Maple fretboard
    • Bartolini NTMB preamp
    • 35” scale
    • Weight 8.8lbs
    • 18mm string spacing
    • Hardshell Roscoe case
    Not really looking for trades but feel free to pm any offers
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    Miss mine. Killer basses
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