SOLD Roscoe SKB3005 Mastergrade Waterfall Bubinga

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    Jun 20, 2013
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    This is for sale only as I’m wanting to buy back a Loaded bass sold and had been made available to me again.

    This is a new build that is phenomenal in every way. Every note sings off the bass clearly and with power. This bass spared nothing and the electronics are top notch with Nordstrand DC with coil taps featuring single coil-series-parallel for each pickup. The preamp is Nordstrand and has a Vintage tone control.
    1 piece Ash Body
    Wenge Racing stripe between Ash and Bubinga top
    Mastergrade Waterfall Bubinga
    Ebony fretboard with matching. waterfall bubinga inlay
    Nordstrand DC pickups
    Nordstrand preamp
    matching wood knobs
    Diamond wood Nut
    Mono M80 gigbag
    35’ scale
    9 pounds

    448170A5-AB1B-49F7-B134-D9AEA4F12DD6.jpeg 1F0FC63C-0655-49B6-84A5-7484849AB999.jpeg FE3B545E-AADD-4A96-BFDC-452B12C57417.jpeg View attachment 4331694 View attachment 4331695 5F9840CD-E3D1-4152-BD0D-82E6222FF730.jpeg 131D2619-DAB7-4DFB-9B1F-65DB327B1BC6.jpeg FD29847A-35B2-4234-8AB4-377AB1DC0611.jpeg A76A35CB-3FA8-416D-AFB9-B753F41DF1D6.jpeg FFAFFE76-F339-4A41-A47C-C106AF60DA70.jpeg AE449B4F-6A00-4B8C-AF89-CC622CDBB11B.jpeg F769DC5D-AD5B-431F-A95C-00D22C0F2BEC.jpeg 50744DEA-6D0D-45E7-B13A-81F1BCBAD697.jpeg 7E5EC5B2-98C3-4010-BAC6-FD35BF442A65.jpeg
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    you may regret letting this one go
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    You're PM'd
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    Will you ever be satisfied, dude? Holy cow, I thought my g.a.s. was bad!
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    Jun 20, 2013
    On hold pending payment.
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    Who knew!
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    Jun 20, 2013
    Payment received and Sold
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    Congrats, she was a beauty. When you get the itch to sell a Buckeye let me know :)