Roscoe sound clips done.

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    Aug 11, 2002
    I have recorded some Sound clips from my Roscoe SKB-6, Finally .. I went direct into my computer using just sound recorder. I have a bandage on my right index finger so it threw me off a bit. but oh well. try not to be too harsh on me, althought I dont wear my emotions on my sleeve, I still have feelings :smug: also all settings on the bass are at the neutral positon.

    pics of the actual bass...

    Description of bass....Diamond wood nut.
    18 volt Bart pre-amp
    The first of the two levels of Maple on the swamp ash body.
    neck..Three-piece maple/purpleheart/maple with accent veneers between the woods and graphite reinforcement
    finger board...
    Spalted Purpleheart:

    1: Thankful......just some chording stuff I made up key B flat

    2: Gospel-run...just a basic Walk in the Key of A-flat

    3: Gospel-run2... a basic walk followed by me playing it in thirds..followed by some riff at the end. key A-flat

    4:Gospel-run-7th..a basic walk followed by me playing the scale in 6ths, (I cant remember now, I am at work) for some of it. key A flat.

    well, here is the link, thanks much to TB member LowtoneJoe for hosting these until I get this figured out.
  2. Very nice sounding bass you've got there :bassist:
  3. Shiveringbass


    Aug 21, 2005
    Beside the noise of your sound card, incredible sounding bass !
    It lives up to Roscoe reputation "home of tone".

    Could you give the details of your bass, it could helps some people : body woods, fingerboard, electronics ?

    Thx and congrats again for that great bass and that nice playing