Roscoes are looking might good now

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  1. I got the chance to play a Roscoe today and man I was impressed with it. they had 2 in the store both LG-3005's. one had a quilt redis top and one had a maple burl top going on. I'm not sure if I prefer the fancy wood look or more finished look but I was very impressed with how the bass played and sounded. I don't think I can afford a new one but I think a used one around $1600 might be doable in the future. just thought I'd share. I still want to play a few other brands to be sure but the sound was just huge and it made my fingerstyle playing sound the best it ever has. and I really dug the slap tone too. kinda a modern sounding type effect on there and I didn't have to use any preamp stuff. if anyone knows of some places to check for used roscoes let me know. I saw some at bassnw and some at the classifieds here but want to see as much as I can. thanks.
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    There's usually a Roscoe or two on there at any given time.
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    I've had 3 and they are the best value amongst boutique basses. You can usually find them used in the $1500 to $1800 range. I'd check with basscentral, bassnw, ebay, bassalone, bassgear, etc. I'd recommend one with the 3 band eq(rounder tone)