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Roscoes... do they bring the rock?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by DanGouge, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. DanGouge


    May 25, 2000
    Them Roscoes are very nice instruments. What I am wondering about them is how well they cut through (against one or more electric guitars) and how they sound in a straight-ahead rock enviroment (as opposed to jazz or funk or what-have-you). I know that some boutique-y instruments don't do so well cutting through a straight-ahead rock mix where a good ol' P or J might do so with aplomb. But what about Roscoes, do they tend to fair well? How about when played with a pick? With a bit of overdrive?
  2. Mine have had no issue being able to cut through. The low end is especailly big on these basses which to me is a big must for any type of heavy music.
  3. mine have not had any problems either.

    go to purevolume.com/langus for clips of me playin my lg 3005 through my eden head on our record.

    the song broken uses my mtd kingston fretless though, but the other two are the roscoe.
  4. JOME77

    JOME77 Supporting Member

    Aug 18, 2002
    The natural sound of a Roscoe IMO is warm and huge. IMO with the bass EQ set flat it doesn't cut as well through a loud/distorted mix as my Elrick (which with the EQ set flat has a more phat/mid sound) but a Roscoe with the 3-band Bart pre can easily be EQ'd to cut through a wall of guitar distortion. IMO a Roscoe sits well in any musical setting.
  5. Basso Gruvitas

    Basso Gruvitas Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2000
    Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
    The electronics on a Roscoe are really what make it smoke. I agree that set flat it sounds okay, but when you start messing with the EQ..... :eek:

    "Guitarists? WHAT guitarists??!!" :D
  6. Arthur U. Poon

    Arthur U. Poon

    Jan 30, 2004
    SLC, Utah -USA-
    Endorsing Artist: Mike Lull Custom Basses
    IMO a Roscoe can rock quite well.
    One band I play in does a lot of classic rock. We also play some Soul, Modern Rock, Funk, and Country. The tone of my SKB3006 suits any of the styles I play. I don't play the heavier rock styles much anymore, but the Roscoe has a really defined modern sound that IMO would do the heavy stuff justice.

    Roscoe offers a lot of wood and pickup/electronics combinations. Keith Roscoe has very good advice on what combinations will get the tone you're looking for.

    My SKB has a Spanish Cedar body with a quilted maple top, it's fingerboard is Bolivian Rosewood. It has Bartolini pickups and an 18 volt Bartolini preamp with a 3 band EQ.

    This combination has a really full low end. I'll slightly boost the mids on occasion and I'll cut the highs a bit depending on the song. I can't say I've ever needed to boost the lows. But I mainly run it's EQ flat.

    This is my first 6-string but it's been a lot easier to play than I expected. My main 4 string is a Modulus Q-4, so I'm accustomed to it's 35" scale. It's a very comfortable bass to play.

    Just my $19.99's worth,
  7. pistoleroace


    Sep 13, 2002
    I have had two Roscoe LG 3005's with the 3-band Bart preamp and still own one. I play in loud 80's to modern metal bands with no problems cutting through the mix at all. Like others have said, I don't leave the pre controls set flat and that is true for any of the basses I have owned. I say go for it, the Roscoes are huge tone-wise in a rock band but get the 3-band preamp, the mid control makes a big difference.