Ross Bigmouth Bass head

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  1. Hi All! I'm selling a Ross Bigmouth bass amp. Old school 100w Transistorized head. Awesome tone with a lot of control (think sunn concert bass, but beefier/more full sounding). Asking $160 for this, local to northern NJ. Would make a great backup, or addition to a vintage collection, as these are very rare amps!


    Here's a brief demo, it's as loud as my "450w" swr!

    Thanks For looking, and have an awesome day! :D
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    Price drop to $180
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  7. Ill take $160 SHIPPED for today only, after today, the price will be $160 for a local deal
  8. Bump, and drop to $160! For today only, i will ship for $170!
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  10. Still looking for $160 shipped. sounds beefy as anything, and it's rock solid!
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  12. Bump! would trade for interesting pedals in the $150 range :D
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  15. looking now for trade offers on pedals, or an outright sale!
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  20. Willing to drive to make a deal work