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rossini duo

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by kurt muroki, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone, well, i just thought i'd post the rossini duo for bass and cello i did in a concert I just had in wash. DC. we had a runout concert drove down in the morning, played, then ran back to NYC. the cellist is Ani Aznavoorian
  2. Hmm I useed to play that one

    Link seems borken though

  3. yeah i had to fix the lin... thanks!
  4. Bravo, Kurt! Brilliantly performed, lots of humor (as I suspect Rossini would've liked). You and Ms. Aznavoorian captured the spirit perfectly.

    I had the privelege of performing this piece with Harry Sturm, the late CSO cellist. Will always be one of my favorites.

  5. oh cool! that must have been amazing! do you have any tips or suggestions as far as what you would do differently etc? thanks!`
  6. Love that piece and the way you played it was nice you could still have more fun with it though.... maybe a little faster in the 1 st movement? And maybe less is more with the mucking about with the tempo in the 3 rd movement?

    I used to sort of put in a mini Cadenza in the First Movement Using the basic structure of the solo / exposed section .. I would augment the string crossing section (you can realy bounce that phrase off if you get the bow placement just right ) add a few turns while climbing up the G and finish by poping off a few extra harmonic's (Stopped?) at the top of the phrase.

    Long dramatic pause (so you could get back into about 3rd positon or what ever it was to lay out that trill ) and ease back into it again ...people would never expect it / we had a lot of fun with it.....
  7. thanks! I will try that definintely!
  8. I want to buy the sheet music and I see two editions: Peters and BooseyHawkes (so far). I'd like one without alot evil tenor cleff. Recommendations? Thanks, Mark
  9. p.nemeth

    p.nemeth Guest

    Kurt, this is awesome! What tuning did you play the piece in? I know that when David Grossman played it he used solo tuning (transposing a whole step while reading...yikes) as recommended by Edgar Meyer to better match the brilliance between the cello and bass. I recently got a transfer of Franco Petracchi and Alain Meurier playing the piece and Petracchi plays up an octave in a few passages which sounds really good and makes the bass part sound more virtuosic. If you haven't heard the recording I can send it over to you. I think it's worth listening to because it's probably the best recording out there (along with Jeremy McCoy's).
  10. anonymous12251111

    anonymous12251111 Banned

    Apr 6, 2007
    The best "bass" sound, and most authentic recording I've heard is Barbara Sanderling's, which is quite fantastic. Jeremy McCoy also has a wonderful warm boomy sound to support the cello.