Rotary Switch Wiring Diagram

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  1. sotua


    Sep 20, 2004
    SF Bay Area

    I'm currently looking at wiring my bass (single coil j-bass clone) like this: Master Volume, Master Tone, Rotary Selector Switch with the switch providing:

    1.-Neck only
    2.-Both pickups, series
    3.-Both pickups, parallel
    4.-Bridge only

    I'd like the switch to be a rotary switch so I don't have to drill extra holes in my bass.

    Does anybody have a wiring diagram for this setup?

    (I've searched talkbass, but all I have found is evidence that it can be done, but no actual diagrams or links. Also, I have found out that Mr. Dingwall offers this as a wiring harness for sale, but, being more than halfway around the globe from the dingwall facilities, I'd rather have the diagram and try to implement it with locally acquired hardware :))
  2. sotua


    Sep 20, 2004
    SF Bay Area

    (btw, I found out that Dingwall sells his for US$20 + US$5 shipping, but not currently in stock :()
  3. to my knowledge, you cant do the series on a rotary switch, you could get a 3 way gibson style switch and get a push/pull pot (for volume or whatever) to switch between series and parallel. you can wire it so that when you pull it, no matter what is selected on the 3 way switch, it will put the pickups in series (just bypasses the switch)