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Roto Nexus

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Ozzman, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Rotos got a new coated string out called the nexus, it's only in four string packs so far, but you can order a separate .130. I have yet to try them out but a good friend of mine has started using them thanks to him working at a music store and getting them early. He claims that the coating is better than both Elixer and DR and that they have a great tone for metal. Has anyone here tried them out yet? Any input on these new strings?
  2. TheDpac1


    May 24, 2007
    I put some of these on my jbass this weekend for a gig, and they sounded great! Looked cool too!

    The strings, out of the pack, had some of the coating rubbed off where the string rubbed against itself. I tried to scratch a little more off, to see how tough the coating is, and could get a little more off with some work. My guess is that Elixirs or D'Addario EXPs rub off as well...metal on metal on the frets and bridge, but that you can't see it because they have a clear coating. Even with the possibility that the EXPs and Elixirs that I've used DID rub off in the problem areas, they all had long life (moderate use, 12 hours per week, EXP's and Elixirs both lasted several months.)

    I got the strings on, and without plugging in the bass in, these suckers sang! When compared to the two-month old EXP's I had on, it was night and day. Once I plugged into my amp, they sounded great!

    I look forward to seeing how long-life they last. ...and, the Black is way cool!

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