SOLD Rotosound 66 [45-130]

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    Apr 4, 2015
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    This is my failed BEAD experiment dated June 27th.
    Rotosound 66 gauge 45-65-80-105-130.

    Being a failed BEAD experiment on my Fender Jazz, both 130 and 105 gauge strings are cut for the same tuning post on an in-line 4-string bass.
    Gauges 80, 65, and 45 are cut for STANDARD tuning on the same style of bass.

    So basically, this is a 4-string set [45-65-80-105] with a 130.

    I can sell the first 4 strings separately from the 130. Strings were bought June 27 at my local Guitar Center.

    $18 shipped for the 4-string set, $21 for the whole set. Thanks!