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Rotosound billy Sheehan set and stiffness ?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by PeaveyPlayer, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. PeaveyPlayer

    PeaveyPlayer Supporting Member

    Jul 15, 2014
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    has anyone used these strings? Are they super stiff compared to regular
    45-105 strings?

    I use Dunlop Marcus millers normally
  2. GK Growl

    GK Growl Banned

    Dec 31, 2011
    These will be much stiffer than any of the Dunlop Super Bright styles. Rotosound Swing Bass rounds are a conventional design and not going to be that flexible.
  3. As mentioned they will be stiffer than the Dunlop Super Brights since the Super Brights were developed as a very flexible string due to a smaller core wire. But compared to other 45-105 sets they feel and sound more balanced at least to me. I like them very much especially because of the the 80 A and 110 E. An 85 A in a regular 45-105 set has too much tension especially compared to a 105 E. I like balanced tension. The Sheehan set supports this perfectly. And you can do Drop D without worrying about a loose E string. This is the main reason Sheehan wanted a 110 E.
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  4. I used regular Rotos for 2 years on my main bass, a passive P. Big sounding E a bit floppy. The G sounds huge and more tension than other strings. Rough feel.

    Then tried Billy Sheehan Rotos & been using them for 2 years. Feel less rough on my fingertips. More balanced tension, Drop D tuning the E string is much better on these vs original Rotos. Prefer the heavier G from the regular Rotos on my P bass.
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  5. Pier_


    Dec 22, 2013
    Roma, Italia
    that's because the actual gauge (measured with a caliber) of Roto RS66LD set is 48-63-82-103. I've talked about this in a topic: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct...uge.1110988/&usg=AOvVaw2_0HrasIrymAp-StAT7pFK

    compared to other hex-core strings they are average. less tension than D'Addario, slight more than Ernie Ball, much less than GHS.
    however they are steel strings with a rough texture.

    Dunlop Super Bright and MM strings are hex core, but with unconventional gauge (the real gauge is smaller than the one advertised. a 45-105 set is nearer to a 40-100...) and a thin core than helps lowering the tension.
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  6. Arthur U. Poon

    Arthur U. Poon

    Jan 30, 2004
    SLC, Utah -USA-
    Endorsing Artist: Mike Lull Custom Basses
    I used the Sheehan Rotos on my old P-Bass when they just hit the market many years ago. Your description of them perfectly matches how I remember them. Having the heavier E and lighter G evens the tension, and their texture felt smoother than Swing Bass 66's. IMO they're a very good set of strings, especially if you use a Hipshot D-Tuner.
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