Rotosound flats Medium scale

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  1. Hey guys. Wondering if anyone has experience with Rotosound flats in the medium scale length. It seems they come only in 40-50-75-90. I was thinking of putting them on my Mustang RI. Kinda curious what color silks they have one 'em too. I would imagine they are pretty loose for flats (because of the light gauge). I have used the regular long scale flats (45-105) on my P bass with good results. Now Im just looking for some good flats for my Mustang RI. Ne input welcomed.
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    Oct 29, 2008
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    Are you certain the Mustang needs medium scale? The one I had (albeit many years ago) was a 30" scale and used short scale strings.

    I've used the Rotos on my SX shorties - I like the feel, but that's not saying you will. They're soft to the touch without being floppy, if that makes sense. Silk on the ends is a very pretty medium blue. Again, that's for short scale. Not sure about the medium scale versions.

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