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Rotosound Heavy Gauge vs. Rotosound Standard Gauge

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by devinp17, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. devinp17

    devinp17 Guest

    Hey everyone. I'm looking into buying some Rotosound strings for my 4 string. I'm a finger-style player and I play pretty hard. Anyway, I currently have Standard (Medium) Gauge stings on my bass; but they seem to be a little flimsy for my liking (right hand). So I want to buy some Rotosound 66 Swing Bass Strings but I don't know which ones to get...

    RS66LE Heavy Long Scale Bass Strings VS. RS66LD Standard Long Scale Bass Strings

    I've heard that the heavy's are great for finger-style players...
  2. You forgot RS66LF which has an .085 A string that is heavier than the .080 A string in the RS66LD set. But either way if your right hand attack is heavy, then I'd say go for the heavy strings.
  3. devinp17

    devinp17 Guest

    Thanks. I was looking at the RS66LF, but Musicians Friend doesn't carry them. Anyway, I know that people who play with a pick usually buy the standards.

    EDIT: Nevermind haha... They do carry them but they aren't 66 Swing Bass. I think I'll go with the heavys. Thanks!