Rotosound Tru Bass?

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  1. Anyone have any comments about the Rotosound Tru Bass 88 strings? I'm going into high school next year and wanted to try out for band and thought they might be nice. They're black flatwound nylon and they 're supposed to sound like an upright bass(thought I want to learn how to play an upright too....) I think I've seem them around for only $25, so it's not much of a loss if I just go for it, but still.....I need your reviews so please post! Thanks.
  2. My boss had them on his Modulus for a 3 days before he took them off. He hated the sound. Today i went searching the shop for the strings to put them on my ripper bass. Just a matter of taste i guess. Good strings, feel nice, but in NO WAY your average sounding string. They sound unlike a bass guitar in many regards, and not quite like an upright, but i liked them
  3. Yeah, I'm trying to get less of a "metallic" sound and more rounded and warm, not exactly like an upright. I hope they'll work. Thanks for posting!
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    IME, they're kind of dark and thuddy. The LaBella tapes are brighter, the Rotos are smoother. Depends on what you want.