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  1. Was thinking about some Rotosound Trubass black nylons.

    Talk to me about these for a Tanglewood acoustic. Will they work through the on-board pickup?

    Heard they will get thumpy like my upright Kay, I like that especially when dragging it around in the winter. How touchy is the right string length?

  2. Yes they will. All strings will work with a piezo pickup found in acoustic-electric basses; some just sound better than others. A word of caution about Rotosound TruBass strings- They are fat gauges, which, in this case, will not affect tension as much as it will your bass hardware. The gauges are 65-75-100-115 for standard and extra-long scale, and the medium and short scale are 60-75-90-115. Either way, you will almost certainly need to widen the nut slot and your bridge may need some work.

    I highly recommend the D'Addario Tapewounds. They are gauge 50-65-85-105 no matter what scale length. I've used them on two electrics and an acoustic, and they're fantastic.

    Good luck!

    Note about string length- Rotosound makes extra long (35"-36"), standard (34"-35"), medium (32"-33") and short scale (30"-31"). D'Addario makes them in standard, medium and short scale. If you know the scale length of your bass, it is best to order the length you need.
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    To be more specific on string length...

    D'Addario is 36.25" Ball to Silk

    Rotosound is:
    Long Scale = 37" Ball to Silk
    Extra Long Scale = 39" Ball to Silk