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Roundwounds or SS?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by ToStogyDX, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. Hi, I was just looking for some Ernie balls and it said it came in roundwound ans stainless steel... whats the difference? are roundwounds nickel?
  2. rsautrey

    rsautrey Banned

    Jul 27, 2000
    Yeah, kinda confusing. On their website, roundwounds are nickelplated steel roundwounds and stainless steel are stainless steel roundwounds.
  3. Whats the difference in sound? Should I get regular or hybrid?
  4. Angus

    Angus Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2000
    Palo Alto, CA
    Neither, they're still Ernie Balls. :p

    The Nickels will last longer, but they aren't as bright as SS, and I find Nickels to have a much deeper tone, not to mentiont they're softer on your hands and don't sound like you're hitting a metal pole with a baseball bat.

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