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Rowdy crowd

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by heroincredible, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Tonight my band played quite a fun show. I can make the post long, but I'll try to keep it fairly short.

    I get to the venue, and its a place that promotes local bands and arts and stuff. They have this thing called Flow-etry going on, which is people coming up on stage and presenting their poetry and so on, and a band that plays a bit. Excellent experience, I enjoyed how diverse the crowd was. It was most excellent. A bunch of friends showed up, as well as a couple bands we are friends with.

    We usually have a globe that people can sign, so they get 'their spot on the world'. The globe was recently retired due to being almost completely full of signatures. Instead of getting a moon, we got a toaster, and we brought a loaf of bread. Made some toast in between songs. We've got a song called Dinner Must Be Stopped(based on the webcomic www.goats.com), where we usually have a guest trombone player play with us and solo and such. Anywho, he couldn't make it tonight, so I get a bass solo(nothing new, I get to solo a bunch even though I'm not great at it). So I start passing out some toast during the song, throw some out into the crowd...then one of the dudes from our friends band comes up, grabs some toast and then starts mashing it in my face. I lose my glasses, hes like pressing up into me, I've got toast in my face...and I am soloing on my fretless, which I cannot see. I manage to pull off the solo(and someone had the foresight to record the show for us, so I may post some an mp3 of the song when I receive the files). And we usually play the song late in the set, but tonight I(got appointed setlist creator a couple weeks ago since it seems to come to me easily) decided to put it roughly 5th song in. Passed the bass off to him for the drum solo at the end of the song, he played something cool, and I banged on the cymbals with a plastic axe(which was later used to balance toast while holding the axe in my mouth while playing...pictures to follow soon too). Needless to say, much more crowd participation was had and we all had a great time(could go on and on about it, but shan't).

    Yes we did have a toast fight in the middle of a song, and while we are passionate about our music and are serious about it, we do like to have fun at shows, since if we don't have fun, why bother?