Roy Clark

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    I saw this on YouTube. I used to watch him on HeHaw. Dude was a bad man.
  2. andawun


    Jul 13, 2009
    I remember seeing him with The Boston Pops (also Glen Campbell) in the late 70's on PBS. I was a straight up rocker at the time and both Roy and Glen blew my mind!!! Truly gifted musicians.
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  3. I actually remember seeing him on Hee haw as well, but was truly impressed when I saw him at a USO show when I was in the Army. This would have been in the 80's. Being a musician, I was completely impressed as he made his way through various instruments, killing on each of them. Whether it be a banjo, guitar, or mandolin, he just killed it.
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    Yeah later in life his personality won him more acclaim. But his CHOPS made him famous first.
  5. Did you ever notice how the truly great talents (in music as well as in virtually every other discipline) are humble, unassuming people? It must be that they are too busy trying to improve than to compare themselves with others. You hear of great musicians going out of their way to show other people how they do what they do, but not showing off, just to share the info. Egomaniacs tend to hide their techniques in fear of having their greatness stolen. Mr. Clark was a true gentleman, a phenomenal musician, and had a great sense of humor. I would love to have met him.
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    I saw Roy on some TV show, maybe Johnny Carson. He was absolutely shredding, like Van Halen/Yngwie kinda stuff. The man could play guitar, as well as many other instruments.
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    So Anyway, Roy and Buck took a few critical hits during their HeeHaw days. But HH was designed to entertain a certain demographic, and it did that really well. HH was filmed over a few weeks in the winter and then pieced together in the studio. This gave everyone time to tour and play the shows that provided most of their income.
    But there's no doubting Roy Clark's talent as a musician and an entertainer.
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    May 30, 2003
    Buck Owens said the easiest way to shut up his critics for joining HeeHaw was showing them a copy of his paycheck. The critics were shocked into silence.
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    Yeah, Buck created quite an empire in Bakersfield... AKA 'Buckersfield'.
    I would have loved to see him live.
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    May 30, 2003
    His wallet was running over before HeeHaw, talented businessman.

    Agreed, nothing cooler than a country tune w/ a walking bass.
  11. When I was in elementary school, there were certain musicians my parents would let me stay up late for when they came on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

    Roy was at the top of the list.

    Years later Roy came on Austin City Limits and I was introduced to the genius of Gatemouth Brown.

    What an inspiring duo!

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    The Odd Couple sold me on Roy Clark, with this.

    Especially the part at 2:15. As a budding guitarist at the time, well... I thought he was God.

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  13. jmlee

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    Buck was never proud of his time on HeeHaw but Roy enjoyed it first to last.