SOLD Rubber Picks 8 Wedgie Rubbers and 1 Planet Waves Adjustable Insert

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  1. David Henry

    David Henry

    Mar 24, 2000
    Salem, Oregon
    9 picks for $12 shipped to USA. PayPal OK.

    Wedgie Rubbers. Two are slightly used and the rest are new.

    Two: 3.1mm Medium

    Three: 3.1mm Hard

    Three: 5.00mm Medium

    The pick that stays put, never clicks, and sounds warm.

    The unique and innovative Wedgie guitar pick is designed to be so comfortable, you'll never hold a flat pick again without noticing how flat it is. The Wedgie's contoured shape allows it to be held more firmly without changing its playing feel.

    Wedgie Rubbers use a special elastomer material to nearly eliminate pick noise, leaving you with clean, warm tones. It sounds like your fingers, yet plays like a pick. Outstanding for classical and acoustic guitars, and for bass.

    One Planet Waves Adjustable Insert Pick slightly used.

    Customizable solution to achieve a variety of picking sounds and attacks

    The perfect tool to obtain finger-plucked sounds on a bass or electric guitar

    Can be used on any stringed instrument

    Contains 1 rubber pick with 3 different inserts - choose your gauge

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